How to Install Decking on a Concrete Floor

Install Decking on a Concrete: Decking has the advantage of being able to be installed on any surface. On grass or concrete, you can install composite decking or wood decking. Homeowners that have a concrete slab already have a strong base for putting decking. If you have a concrete surface and want to install decking on it, you’ve come to the perfect location. Concrete decking is simple to construct. Let’s have a look at how to lay decking on concrete.

Laying Deck on Concrete Surface

A concrete surface is ideal for building a deck. The process of laying decking on concrete is similar to that of laying decking on wood, with a few exceptions.

Step One – Collect the necessary materials

You’ll need equipment to work with, including your decking board, if you wish to put decking on concrete. To begin, you will need either composite or wood decking. Choose a decking material that will last for many years. Komposittråll is long-lasting and will last for many years. You’ll also need a measuring tape to figure out how much decking you have.

A hammer, markers, fasteners, screws, and a drilling machine are also required for drilling holes in the wood. You will also require pressure-treated wood to construct your decking structure. Wood that has been pressure-treated having a longer lifetime. It will not decay, and termites will be unable to harm it.

Step Two –Smooth the Concrete

Examine the concrete before you begin laying the decking on it. Check for any cracks in the concrete that need to be repaired. If you find rainfall puddles, fill the area with cement mix to level it out. Allow the concrete to cure completely before installing the sleepers.

Step Three – Install the Sleeper

You may now begin arranging your sleeper arrangement. If you wish to install decking on concrete, use chemically treated boards as sleepers. You may also use metal sleepers if you don’t want to use wood sleepers. Aluminum sleepers are preferred by some homeowners over wood because they are less susceptible to damage. Unlike wood, aluminum is resistant to decay and termites. Apart from that, aluminum is corrosion-resistant.

If you’re laying out the sleepers, make sure they’re parallel to the wood or composite decking. Place the sleepers so that they face the wall rather than running parallel to it. This is due to the fact that it will not obstruct water drainage. After you’ve completed placing the sleeper, you may begin installing the joists.

Step Four – Place the joists

Your decking will be supported by the joist. The joists must be installed on the sleepers. It will keep water away from the joist. Also, check that all components of the joist are consistent before mounting it. If a section of the joist is taller than another, trim it using a saw. If it’s shorter, shim it up to make it the same height.

You may now attach your decking joists to the sleeper with screws and clips. Continue connecting the planks until the joist is complete. When constructing the joists, make sure to provide enough space between them. The joists should not be too close together, nor should they be too far apart.

Step Five – Install the decking on concrete.

Begin placing the decking planks now that the decking structure has been completed. The decking frame is made up of both sleepers and joists. The decking boards are simple to put together. Begin putting the decking on concrete by starting at the edge of a wall or a corner. Fasten the kompositplank together with clips and screws.

If you’re going to build composite decking over concrete, remember to provide a 15-mm space between the decking and the walls. Additionally, allow a 5 mm gap between the composite decking planks. When the temperature changes, the composite decking will be able to expand without warping. You may now polish the margins of the decking to make it more attractive once it has been laid on concrete. You may use picture framing or paint the borders in the same color as your composite decking.


Decking is simple to install on concrete. You must prepare your supplies, level the concrete, and erect the decking frame. Then, on concrete, place your decking board.