Matching Costumes: 7 Best Inspirations For Your Halloween Costumes For Two

Whether you are in a relationship, with your best friend, with your brother or your sister: “disguise matching”, or how to make a pair while being disguised, is THE trend of this year for Halloween.

Choose your favorite film or the most emblematic characters of cinema and reproduce their costumes to make a grand entrance at your event! To choose from your creative halloween costume ideas can often take weeks. Thinking in pairs can therefore save time, but also opens up the field of possibilities even wider. Whether you are with your life partner, your better half or your friend: matching your costumes will allow you to stand out as a duo and add a touch of fun to your (terrifying) evening.

1- The school of wizards, Harry Potter style

Image source: Stylevore

Who says Halloween, says IDEAL time to treat yourself to a Harry Potter marathon! This is all the more true with the falling temperatures and the (increasing) craving for hot chocolate. Here is an inspiration for your matching suit. You can choose all the characters from the films – Harry and Ginnie or Ron and Hermion, to embody the Gryffindor house – and thus select your favorite duos.

2- Mia and Vincent, from Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is a great classic, signed Quentin Tarantino, from the 90s. The two emblematic characters, Mia and Vincent, are perfect for a couple’s costume. This will also be an opportunity for you to reproduce their choreography during the restaurant scene!

3- Mr and Mrs Smith

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie then formed THE couple of spies that turned heads when the film was released. All you need to bring them to life is a suit and a black dress! It’s the perfect matching costume for those who don’t necessarily like to dress up with easy halloween costume.

4- Sandy and Danny from Grease

Image source: Stylevore

A timeless couple, with wild dances and iconic costumes. As a couple or with friends, this is the perfect costume to set the dance floor on fire. Put on your most beautiful faux leather leggings and let’s dance the night away!

5 – Bonnie and Clyde

Couple of gangsters from the 60s, they each made an impression. Good news: their clothing style is very easily reproduced. For her, mini-skirt, beret and scarf around the neck. For him, it’s a costume! Become, in turn, the emblematic couple of your event.

6- Trinity and Neo, to revisit the Matrix

Image source: Stylevore

Faux leather jumpsuit and long coat are on the agenda. A look to perfect with fine sunglasses, to simply put on the nose, to dazzle all the other guests. The ideal time to wink at Matrix 4, which will be released next year in cinemas!

7- Mia and Sebastian, from Lalaland

If the film Lalaland is more recent, it is nonetheless emblematic. A flamboyant yellow dress for Mia and a suit/tie for Sebastian! Learn the choreographies and songs to put on the show on the day of the event. The art of “matching costume” adapts to all. All you have to do, therefore, is choose your favorite film duo and embody it with your partner or friend. It is then up to you to complete your outfits with absolutely terrifying make-up, why not made of scars, in order to embody even more gory versions of your favorite heroes.